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The Key to Duplicating CLFC Results in Your Community

Considerable research indicates that implementations of research models are likely to obtain similar results as the original studies when the program implementation is conducted with fidelity. The concept of fidelity refers to clarity in mirroring the original program design and implementation processes. Because this can be a fairly challenging task, CLFC provides a free fidelity instrument for those wishing to monitor and measure the integrity of their implementation.

Program managers and program evaluators will find the CLFC Fidelity Instrument a useful tool both in planning and following program implementation fidelity. This instrument can be used by program managers prior to implementation as a guide for staff to insure quality replication. Evaluators can utilize this tool in measuring the program fidelity during program implementation observation. Assessments of curriculum implementation will help program managers, staff and funding providers recognize and provide effective quality assurance measures during CLFC implementation.

Strategies to Assess Fidelity

The ideal approach to assessing fidelity is to have one or two observers who are trained and certified in CLFC implementation to observe your CLFC sessions and help you to determine where and how you may be departing from the curriculum. Another approach is to review the CLFC program or process being provided against this portion of the fidelity instrument. Many agencies provide opportunities for training teams to give each other feedback during CLFC implementation again using the CLFC Fidelity Instrument as a guide for reference. For more information contact a CLFC representative at COPES, Inc.

To download the Creating Lasting Family Connections® (CLFC) Fidelity Instrument, click here.