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CLFC: Overcoming and Understanding Stress and Trauma


New Release:

The nationally recognized and award winning Creating Lasting Family Connections Curriculum Series is announcing the released a new curriculum addressing stress and trauma. The NEW CLFC: Overcoming and Understanding Stress and Trauma Program (CLFC: OUST) is designed for general audiences, including late junior high and high school aged students, and both young and middle-aged adults in a variety of educational, health, mental health, judicial or work settings.

Addressing stress and trauma is a proven preventative approach to substance misuse, delinquent and violent behavior, victimization, early and inappropriate sexual activity and judicial involvement. The Creating Lasting Family Connections series includes components listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices, Crime Solutions, the Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy, the California Evidence Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare, Healthy Canada, and several other evidence-based repositories and best practices lists.

The program consists of two modules that contain six separate 2-hour sessions in each module (for a total of 12 sessions.)

Module 1: Understanding Stress and Trauma, explores human growth and development, information about stress and trauma, self-regulation, and how adverse childhood and community experiences can impact our physical and emotional health. Module 1 can be implemented as a stand-alone program.

Module 2: Overcoming Stress and Trauma, engages participants in personal skill building and reflection activities that are designed to promote cognitive awareness and understanding of possible effects of trauma, the value of self-regulation, and promotes both empathy and compassion for oneself or others who may be affected by stress and/or trauma. This module includes information on how to develop a more rewarding or healthier new path for oneself and how to support others seeking to overcome some of the effects of stress and trauma. Module 2 is designed to be used only after participants have completed Module 1.

While this program may be used by therapists to structure their educational approach with those impacted by stress and trauma, the program is not intended to create and does not constitute a therapeutic relationship between the facilitators and participants. The program should not be relied upon as medical, psychological, coaching, or professional advice of any kind or nature whatsoever. Further, it is not necessary or required for a CLFC OUST Facilitator to be a therapist or counselor to share this content. Any compassionate adult who completes CLFC OUST Implementation Training and receives certification can facilitate the CLFC OUST Program.

Pricing for CLFC: OUST Materials

CLFC: OUST Curriculum Set: $299.99 (Includes 1 Trainer Manual, 20 Participant Notebooks and 1 thumb drive containing digital program materials)

CLFC: OUST Trainer Manual: $75.00 each

CLFC: OUST Participant Notebook: $15.00 each

CLFC: OUST Notebook Replacement Set: $270.00 (Includes set of 20 notebooks only)

CLFC: OUST Sampler Kit: $99.99 (Includes 1 Trainer Manual, 1 Participant Notebook, and thumb drive containing digital program materials

*Note: Additional cost for shipping (and tax, if applicable) is not included in the prices listed above.

On-site 3-Day Implementation Training for up to 18 people: $6,500. Plus Travel and Per Diem for 2 RFN Master Trainers (Materials not included.)

To order CLFC: OUST materials, Implementation Training, or for more information, please email Teresa Boyd Strader of Resilient Futures Network, LLC. (RFN) at  teresastraderrfn@gmail.com or call 502-897-1111. 

Letter from One of the Authors                                                          

Fred Letter - Header

Hi Everyone,

My name is Fred B. Ward, Founder and Executive Director of Khnemu Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. My life has been a series of hills and valleys. It has taken me a lifetime of trial and error and lessons learned to move past the Adverse Childhood Experiences within my home. Ultimately, I found purpose in helping and challenging others to reexamine their own experiences. It has been my lifelong desire to organize a set of lessons to help move people with similar challenges to think about and explore how their own experiences have shaped their value systems. Then, I want to help them to evaluate whether those beliefs have led them into a healthy functional lifestyle…or not.

I remember when I first met Ted and Teresa Strader. Ted is a nationally recognized curriculum developer, and his wife is a national trainer. While participating in their 9-day CLFC Program Implementation Training for the Children of Incarcerated Parents Project in Ohio, I realized he was very experienced in creating 3 best-practice curriculums. His attention to detail and ability to empathize on a deep level while modeling it through the curriculum is what really stood out. By the end of the training, I knew that he and I needed to stay connected. I had all these theories of practice that had allowed me to change the way I thought about the world and how I showed up in it. I really felt that with Ted, I could finally get these learned practices out of my head and into a formable lesson plan that would help others cross that bridge from powerlessness to becoming powerful in the world.

It was out of this collaboration that two new curriculums were birthed. One for individuals who needed a clear “overstanding” of stress & trauma. The other is for individuals who have been felony impacted, or who were at-risk. That was over six years ago. We have made tremendous progress!

Our first NEW tool, Creating Lasting Family Connections®: Overcoming Stress, and Trauma, (CLFC: OUST), is now available. It helps people to do just that; overcome stress, trauma, and adversity. Our next tool, Triple O ‘C: Organizing Out of Crime, identifies the root causes of criminal thinking and its behaviors while transforming one’s value system into a healthier and more sustainable one. This program, along with our Triple O’C Program and trained mentors, will help serious offenders become healthy, happy, and productive citizens again.

These ideas were once only discussed verbally amongst my peers while I was incarcerated. However, my engagement in this vision has continued for over 20 years of being free. I have been organizing communities throughout Ohio where we have invested deeply in individuals crossing that bridge, from seeing themselves as victims to becoming powerful agents of change. As a result of our combined efforts, Ted and I are now releasing our new CLFC: OUST Program!

Substantial Earning Opportunities for Social Service Entrepreneurs

Resilient Futures Network, LLC (RFN) is currently offering a unique opportunity for anyone interested in reducing the ill effects of stress and trauma in their community. You can receive substantial earnings by becoming a Sales Representative and/or Certified CLFC: Overcoming and Understanding Stress and Trauma Master Trainer. Sales representatives can earn high commissions, and Master Trainers can receive both commissions and thousands of dollars in training and consultation fees with RFN. The CLFC Curriculum Series is one of the most widely recognized and acclaimed evidence-based programs in use throughout the nation. The new CLFC: OUST Program is destined for use in all 50 states, in both rural and urban settings. Sales Representatives and Master Trainers will soon be in great demand. Get in on the action early!

To qualify for either of these positions, one must initially attend a CLFC: OUST Implementation Training and receive certification as a CLFC: OUST Implementation Trainer. In addition, one must also implement the CLFC: OUST Program (at least once) in their local community.

To Become a CLFC: OUST Program Sales Representative

Upon completion of becoming a Certified CLFC: OUST Implementation Trainer and having facilitated at least one CLFC: OUST Program in their local community, one would immediately be qualified to become a CLFC: OUST Sales Representative. A CLFC: OUST Sales Representative will receive a 30% commission on any CLFC: OUST materials that are purchased by a person or entity that has been (previously) referred to RFN by this individual. The CLFC Sales Representative must first contact RFN to provide the referred entity’s name and contact person’s information prior to the sale. This may be communicated either by telephone, text, or email to the National Training Director or to the Program Developer. Once the payment is received for the curriculum materials purchase, RFN will mail a check to the CLFC: OUST Sales Representative at the value of 30% of the materials costs (excluding shipping and tax charges).

To Become a CLFC: OUST Master Trainer

Anyone interested in becoming a CLFC: OUST Master Trainer, is expected to sell the CLFC: OUST Implementation Training to three separate entities within a two-year period and then also serve as a co-trainer with either the Program Developer or the National Training Director in each of the three separate CLFC: OUST Implementation Trainings. This Master Trainer Trainee will be trained as they serve as a co-trainer during the CLFC: OUST Implementation Trainings. As a Master Trainer Trainee serving as a co-trainer, they will be compensated at a rate of $300.-$500. per day during this on-the-job training (totaling $900. to $1,500. per training).

As the trainee increases their skills, they will be expected to serve as a Lead Trainer under the direction of an RFN representative acting as their co-trainer. When the trainee assumes the Lead Trainer role, the rate of pay will increase to up to $1000 a day. When the Master Trainer Trainee successfully demonstrates the capability to train others to implement a CLFC OUT Program in the Lead Trainer role, they will be eligible to sign a contract to become a Certified CLFC: OUST Master Trainer. Certified CLFC: OUST Master Trainers receive 30% commissions on all CLFC: OUST program materials they sell, and up to $3,000. for conducting CLFC: OUST Implementation Trainings provided under a contractual arrangement with RFN. No one can conduct a CLFC: OUST Implementation Training without a written contractual relationship with RFN.  Commissions are paid on materials sales only and are not provided for promoting trainings without serving as a co-trainer.

Finally, a Certified CLFC: OUST Master Trainer may also recruit others to become Master Trainers and receive referral bonuses. Certified Master Trainers can refer individuals to Resilient Futures Network for CLFC: OUST Master Trainer Training and Certification. After their recruit sells the CLFC: OUST Implementation Training and co-trains with either the Program Developer or the National Training Director (or their designee) for three separate entities, the referring Certified CLFC: OUST Master Trainer will receive a referral bonus of $1000.

To examine or discuss these opportunities, please call the National Training Director, Teresa Boyd Strader of the Resilient Futures Network, LLC at 502-897-1111.