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Developing Positive Parental Influences (DPPI)

Overview of the “Developing Positive Parental Influences” (DPPI) Module

This highly interactive 6-session (1.5 to 2 hours each session) module has demonstrated a clear and compelling track record of success in helping parents and other caring adults influence youth in positive ways. Participants can expect to develop a greater awareness of facts and personal feelings about alcohol and substance use, abuse and substance use disorder or chemical dependency; to learn effective approaches to prevention; and to develop a practical understanding of intervention, referral procedures, and treatment options. The “Developing Positive Parental Influences” module includes an examination of various personal and cultural attitudes and emotional positions on alcohol and drug-related issues, and an in-depth look at the dynamics of chemical dependency or substance use disorder and the range of impacts on families.

The “Developing Positive Parental Influences” module is the result of 20 years of research, training experience, and observation. In developing this module, COPES staff studied the curricula and literature published by some of the most effective substance abuse preventionists in the country, and received extensive training and consultation in their approaches to effective prevention programming.

A Strategic Sequence for Attitudinal and Behavioral Change

This alcohol and other drug issues module promotes the skills of self-awareness and examines personal history and genetic risk factors so that people not already harmfully involved with alcohol and other drugs can make responsible and healthy decisions regarding their alcohol and other drug use behavior. The “Developing Positive Parental Influences” module focuses on separating and fully understanding our own thoughts and feelings along the continuum of abstinence, use, abuse, and dependency, and how to apply these clarified thoughts and feelings in the area of behavioral standards for oneself and children based upon familial, genetic, environment, and lifestyle risk factors.

“Developing Positive Parental Influences” facilitators are encouraged to seek to create an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion for all individuals in the module, including people all along the behavioral continuum from abstinence through chemical dependency and recovery.

COPES facilitators have trained over 20,000 people in the “Developing Positive Parental Influences” module. The “Developing Positive Parental Influences” module has been provided to individuals and families in schools, churches, civic groups, social services agencies, universities, corporations, industries, prisons, jails, reentry service providers, alcohol and drug treatment centers and other government agencies.

The “Developing Positive Parental Influences” Rationale

The basic premises upon which the “Developing Positive Parental Influences” module was developed are as follows:

  1. It is difficult to control someone else’s behavior 24 hours a day 7 days a week (including our children).
  2. We may influence children through open and honest communication including listening, sharing, and modeling. We can also share knowledge, information, understanding, and love.
  3.  Independence and responsibility can be learned through practice.
  4. Extreme attitudes and behaviors may be dangerous because they often promote both the extreme position held by the parent and its opposite, leading to tremendous conflict.
  5. Pain is a natural part of life. It is normal to feel pain.
  6. When a person hurts, it can be helpful for them to express feelings.
  7. It is one thing to drink, another thing to get drunk, and something altogether different to be alcoholic or chemically dependent.
  8. It can be considered neutral (neither right nor wrong) for most American adults to choose to drink a single serving of an alcoholic beverage.
  9. It can be considered irresponsible to get drunk or intoxicated.
  10. Anyone who consumes alcoholic beverages may be at some risk for developing alcoholism over a lifetime.

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