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Developing a Positive Response (DPR)

Overview of the “Developing a Positive Response” (DPR) Module

The “Developing a Positive Response” module is a 5 session (1 to 1.5 hour each session) training designed to encourage youth to examine their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and skills across a comprehensive range of alcohol and drug issues. This module focuses on helping young people become aware of their deepest wishes for their own personal health, their relationships with their peers and family members, and their yearning for success. This module also helps youth develop an appropriate “worldview” of alcohol and other drug issues.

During this module, youth begin to build the foundation for increasing their skills in communicating their deepest wishes regarding alcohol and drug issues with their family and friends, and to recognize their developmental yearnings for independence from any negative alcohol or drug pressures and behaviors in their social environment.

The “Developing a Positive Response” Rationale

The basic premises upon which the “Developing a Positive Response” module was developed are as follows:

  1. No one can control someone else’s behavior 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  2. We can influence children through open and honest communication including listening, sharing, and modeling. We can also share knowledge, information, understanding and love.
  3. Independence does not come without responsibility.
  4. Responsibility is learned through practice.
  5. Respect is learned by receiving it.
  6. Extreme attitudes and behaviors are dangerous because they promote both themselves and their opposites.
  7. Pain is a natural part of life. It is normal to feel pain.
  8. When a person hurts, it helps to express feelings.

We believe that in order for youth to develop these values and beliefs, it is helpful for adults in their lives to model them. Therefore, modeling of these values and beliefs is of primary importance for anyone who wishes to facilitate the “Developing a Positive Response” module. In addition, the parent training modules are designed to also assist parents in modeling these important values, beliefs and behaviors. Through effective adult modeling, youth receive the support and guidance needed to develop appropriate independence and autonomy, and to realize their yearnings for success, health, and self-esteem in decision making regarding alcohol and drug use and other personal health issues.

How to Maximize Results for Youth

These individual skills will be further reinforced through the two other training modules offered through the Creating Lasting Family Connections® prevention program (Youth “Developing Independence and Responsibility” and the “Getting Real” Communications module). In addition, these skills will be increased within their family domains through the parents’ participation in the parent training modules. Together, these training modules help youth recognize that their decisions regarding alcohol and drug use matter most, and also equip them for making healthy decisions and increasing their likelihood of success in life.

The “Developing a Positive Response” module is designed to be implemented with youth between the ages of 9-17. However, because of developmental differences, it is helpful to implement the module with youth who are within appropriate developmental age groupings. The recommended age groupings are ages 9-11, 12-14, 15-17.

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