COPES is home of the Nationally and Internationally Recognized, Evidence-based "Creating Lasting Family Connections®" Programs for Youth, Adult, Fatherhood, Marriage and Family Strengthening


COPES’ mission is to advance a comprehensive range of effective programs and services in the Louisville community to address substance abuse prevention through personal, marriage and family strengthening programs that focus on building upon existing personal, family and community strengths. Further, COPES shall contribute to the national and international body of research and knowledge in the fields of prevention, mental health and emotional well-being as they relate to the development of programs and practices that reduce substance abuse, delinquency, violence, HIV infection, prison recidivism and other negative outcomes for children and families.

What We Do

The Council on Prevention and Education: Substances, Inc. (COPES) has been providing personal and family strengthening programs for both youth and adults for over thirty years. Through donations, grants, and both public and private contracts, COPES develops and provides specialized projects to improve personal, family and community wellbeing in the Louisville Metro area. COPES focuses on developing strong partnerships with other service providers and public and private institutions in order to accomplish these positive outcomes in our community. Further, COPES regularly contributes to the scientific literature and participates in local, national, and international public policy discussions regarding evidence-based approaches to substance abuse and violence prevention, personal and family strengthening, recovery support and fatherhood, parenting and marriage enhancement programming. Several curriculums developed by COPES are nationally and internationally recognized in “best practices” literature, are listed on several evidence-based national dissemination repositories and are in use in all fifty states and several other countries. The Creating Lasting Family Connections® curricula, developed by COPES’ Executive Director, Ted N. Strader, has demonstrated a very strong range of behavioral improvement outcomes across a number of fields of service and among a wide and rich variety of populations.

By successfully promoting strong and dynamic personal and interpersonal skill development and behavioral health promotion activities, COPES and other agencies implementing the Creating Lasting Family Connections® curriculum continue to engage in powerful personal and family health promotion and prevention of negative outcomes, including:

  • Reducing substance abuse by youth and adults
  • Reducing violent behavior
  • Reducing HIV transmission
  • Reducing prison recidivism
  • Enhancing communication and refusal skills
  • Enhancing emotional awareness and expression skills
  • Enhancing family bonding
  • Enhancing marriage relationships
  • Enhancing fatherhood skills
  • Enhancing and maintaining substance abuse recovery
  • Enhancing and maintaining reentry outcomes

COPES, Inc. has provided consultation and training to schools, churches, civic organizations, neighborhood associations, coalitions, recreation centers, Juvenile Justice Detention and Diversion programs, correctional institutions, and city and county governments to implement effective personal and family skill-building programs for their populations that result in measurable reductions in negative behaviors such as substance abuse, violence, delinquency, criminal behavior, etc. COPES is interested in partnering with other institutions and organizations which strive to provide a powerful positive influence in an adult individual's or a young person's personal and/or family life.

The Creating Lasting Family Connections® (CLFC) Curriculum Series Includes 3 Separate Programs (The Original CLFC Program, The CLFC Fatherhood Program: Family Reintegration, and The CLFC Marriage Enhancement Program). All 3 Programs are Each Separately Listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). Click here to see awards.

Thousands of people have received CLFC Trainer Certification to implement all or part of this highly flexible and effective "state of the art" youth and parent skill-building curriculum series listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. The CLFC materials are available from the Resilient Futures Network, LLC. (See products page for ordering information).

Since the publication and distribution of the widely acclaimed Creating Lasting Family Connections® program through a licensing agreement with Resilient Futures Network, LLC, the CLFC curriculum has been distributed to professionals and volunteers in 100's of cities in all 50 states. Click here to see some of the locations that have engaged our services and/or implemented one or more of our evidence-based programs over several years.

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Limited, free grant-writing assistance is available for organizations wishing to implement any CLFC curriculum. For more information, click here.


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